Wireless Receiver Card (DNA 30 Version)

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Product Description

The future is here with Vapor Shark’s Wireless Charging System for your Vapor Shark DNA! Wireless charging works much like how the father of the 21st century prophesied, that electricity will flow freely through the air and end our dependency on cables by way of electromagnetic induction. Though not completely cable free yet, just imagine how much more convenient it will be to place your Vapor Shark DNA on a charging pad instead of fumbling around with a tiny USB in order to recharge your device. Incorporating the Qi wireless charging system, you can now simply set your device down on the Charging Base placed somewhere in the center console of your car or within arms reach on your desk, to recharge your Vapor Shark DNA effortlessly!


*Shark Skin Required for Wireless Application
*Not for rDNA
•500 mAh Charging Circuit
*Charging Base Sold Separately
*Compatible with any Qi-enabled device