Xtar MC1 charger


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Upgraded to include a LCD informational display, this shows the state of charge so that you know how long it is until the battery will be fully charged, also it will display the charge current the battery is charging at.

Automatically selects most suitable charging current for batteries (0.5A or 1A)

Reverse-polarity and shortcircuit protection circuit
Three-stage charging and 0V battery activation
Micro USB port to supply power for the charger
Adopts IC temperature monitor to avoid over heat
Compact size and portability
Low heat design

INPUT DC 5.0V 1000mA
0.5A Constant current 500?50mA
1.0A Constant current 1000?80mA
Cut-off Voltage 4.2V?0.05V
Apply to 10440/14500/14650/16340/17335/17500/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650/18700/ 22650/25500/26650 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion batteries